5 reasons why you should count colonies automatically

Discover the revolution in laboratory efficiency with our automated colony counter: Iris! We understand how valuable your time and resources are. That's why we optimize your workflows with Iris. Increase your lab quality and explore the functionalities and insights of Iris, while reducing financial burdens. Let us take you through some of the benefits!

1. Finances

Did you know that counting petri plates only takes up 25% of all time in a laboratory? You can save a significant portion of the remaining 75%. Allowing more time for other tasks. Many manual counting steps are eliminated, as everything is digitally stored and handled. Additionally, failure costs decrease. If a previous count becomes questionable, you can easily look it up in the database. Much faster than searching through endless stacks of petri plates.

2. Quality

With complete data and detailed photos, Iris provides comprehensive and reliable insights. Thanks to Iris' consistency, disruptive factors do not affect the counting process. Iris is never tired, not even on monday mornings. Digital photos of the petri plates ensure everything is traceable. In the case of unexpected results, the photos provide immediate insight into where the process deviated.

3. Insights

Iris offers various possibilities for valuable insights. By leveraging the huge amount of data, you effortlessly get new and important insights into your processes. An example where data can be useful is in seasonal variations. Normally, values are higher in summer than in winter. However, if unexpectedly high values are observed in winter, it's a signal to be alert. This is all insightful with Iris.

4. AI

Our colony counter, Iris, utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI). The software quickly and accurately recognizes and counts colonies. The neural network behind Iris is significantly faster than humans. Moreover, Iris effortlessly distinguishes colonies from air bubbles and other contaminants, ensuring highly accurate results. Our AI colony counter Iris is not only fast and precise but also user-friendly. We use specially curated datasets sets to continually develop Iris.

5. Functionalities

The advanced functionalities of our colony counter elevate your business processes. Some examples of functionalities include:

  • increased volume per day
  • fewer steps per petri dish
  • reduction of human errors
  • LIMS connection

Do you see yourself working with our colony counter Iris? Contact us for a demo or more information at sales@aaalabequipment.eu and explore the possibilities!