7 reasons to automate your company

The structural shortage of laboratory analysts has created a problem for which automation is an obvious solution. Here are the reasons why!

Shortage of analysts in laboratories

Automation of specific repetitive tasks in the laboratory is often possible at reasonable prices.

Qualified personnel can then be deployed for other tasks.

It's important to recognize that automation should not just be carried out for the sake of automation. This observation may sound strange coming from us, but it is one of our most frequent comments to customers.

“Automation is not a goal in itself. It's a tool!”

Automate where the greatest benefit can be achieved. The change involved may be very small, implementing our 'Amanda' product for example, or very large, such as with 'Kitty'. 

The benefits of automation come in many forms

  1. Avoidance of staff shortages
  2. Reduction of repetitive, boring work
  3. Prevention of RSI-complaints
  4. Savings on materials used
  5. More challenging work for your employees
  6. Sharing of your progressiveness
  7. Traceability: everything can be logged

Need help?

Automation is also simply "fun"! At AAA Lab Equipment, we would be pleased to help you draw up an inventory of your ideas and proceed along the automation pathway. We will also advise you not to automate if such a step would be unwise or risky in your situation. Contact us at + (31) 071 3310085 or sales@aaalabequipment.nl for more information.