Irina platform with build-in Iris colony counter

Would you like to significantly accelerate the production process in your laboratory? We have the solution!

Combine colony counter 'Iris' with 'Irina'

The production capacity of our Iris colony counter can be accelerated by combining it with our Irina system. The AI-driven Iris Colony Counter, our latest technological advance, is then used to scan and capture images of petri dishes. The Irina platform with integrated Iris technology performs various actions simultaneously, such as:

  • Unstacking the petri dishes
  • Removing lids
  • Reading barcodes
  • Counting colonies automatically and much more

Reduce your production time

The Irina system counts and processes colonies grown in petri dishes at high speed. As many as 540 petri dishes may be counted in approximately 90 minutes. The combination of Iris and Irina will save your laboratory employees a great deal of time, reducing the working hours required to count colonies and enter the corresponding data. 

How it works

Watch how Irina and Iris count colonies use artificial intelligence to count colonies in this video! It shows petri-dish lids being removed, barcodes scanned and an image captured to count the colonies. The Irina subsequently replaces the lids on the petri dishes and automatically stacks them.


Are you curious, and would you like to obtain a demonstration of our new Iris colony counter? Demonstrations may be arranged either online, using MS Teams, or in person. We are eager to answer all your questions! Call us at + (31) 071 3310085 or send an email to to arrange a demonstration!