Meet Irina: your efficient laboratory partner

Are you looking for a revolutionary solution to significantly increase productivity in your laboratory? Meet Irina, your new ally!

Irina: optimize your production process

The Irina is designed to streamline the production process in your laboratory. This advanced technology offers a range of options to automate and speed up tasks:

  • Efficient processing of petri dishes
  • Effortless removal of lids
  • Fast and accurate scanning of barcodes
  • Automatic counting of colonies and much more

Reduce your production time

With the Irina, you can process laboratory colonies in petri dishes quickly and efficiently. In only about 90 minutes, up to 540 petri dishes can be analyzed. This means significantly less work time for your laboratory staff, as Irina takes over the time-consuming work of counting colonies and processing data for you.

The power of technology

Find out how the Irina works in our demonstration video. Watch as petri dishes are opened, barcodes are scanned, and images are captured and counted using an ai-based colony counter. Irina then automatically reinserts the lids and stacks the dishes again.

Interested in a demonstration?

Are you curious and want to see the Irina in action? We offer online demonstrations via MS Teams or in-person presentations. We are ready to answer all your questions! Contact us at + (31) 071 3310085 or email to schedule a demonstration today!