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SGS Nederland B.V.

SGS is a global leader in the field of inspection, control, analysis and certification. Anything that needs to be tested comes to them, so they do food inspections, medicine and pharmacy inspections. And that's just a small sample of all their services. They ensure safety in everyday life, at home and at work. Read more about SGS on their website.

We spoke to Charlotte Naalden, project manager in the department where they test foods, about our collaboration.


Charlotte: 'We have been working with AAA Lab Equipments for thirty years now, and currently have the Iris, Irina and Kitty and other smaller items of equipment in use.' Two of the three locations have a Kitty installed. Spijkenisse has an Irina which uses the Iris for imaging and scanning. The Irina is used here to optimize the process of the Iris. Furthermore, an Iris is now being tested in Oosterhout and an Irina is in order for that location.

Charlotte: 'Because we have been working with Peter for a long time, the contact goes very fluently. Everyone knows exactly how to find Peter and vice versa, Peter also switches quickly with the person he needs within SGS.'


The Iris automatically counts colonies on agar plates. In addition to automatic counting, the Iris also takes a picture for any quality checks afterwards!

"Thanks to AAA Lab Equipment’s support and expertise, we have become highly proficient in using the Iris over the years!"

AAA Lab Equipment's products have improved quality for us. We now always have pictures on hand when questions are asked. The equipment also speeds up the work of the analysts; they still check each photo, but most of the other tasks are handled by the machine. Our analysts in Spijkenisse are also delighted with the Iris. When the Iris wasn’t available for one day due to updates, they realised just how much the equipment helps in their work.

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