The camera of our colony counter

Effective imaging requires a good camera and lens.

Lots of depth and sharpness

Our Iris colony counter has a built-in camera with 9-megapixel resolution. This lens is capable of high-quality and sharp imaging with extensive depth of field. As a result, the Iris captures everything in its field of view. Nothing is missed! 

Sharper than the human eye

The AI colony counter acquires an enhanced view of the petri dish, as its lens is sharper than the human eye. Further aided by the 7.5x zoom function, the colony counter ensures that you will not miss a single colony, detecting even very small sizes. 

The image below, which was captured during a demonstration for a potential customer, shows a top lid covered petri dish in which there is discernible condensation. The quality of the camera results in an image of such resolution that both the condensation and colonies are clearly visible.

Sample material

The camera’s zoom function makes it possible to obtain a well-defined view of smaller colonies and their details. Increasing the magnification also allows more effective screening for sample degradation, allowing you to better detect if your sample contains unwanted elements or impurities.


Would you like to know more about the Iris and all its specifications? Please contact We would be pleased to provide you with a demonstration, either via Microsoft Teams or live on location.