What does artificial intelligence do?

AI has become increasingly more important, and we would welcome the opportunity to inform you about the ways in which artificial intelligence is involved in our products.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in brief

AI relates to systems or machines that can mimic our own intelligence and be improved by (unaided) learning based on the information collected. AI has become a collective term for the capacity of devices to autonomously perform complex tasks that previously required human intervention.

The Iris colony counter’s artificial intelligence (AI)

Unlike previous colony counters, our new Iris colony counter uses artificial intelligence to improves its task performance. Because the Iris implements AI to count colonies, it counts them faster and more accurately than possible with the naked eye.

The data is also loaded into LIMS without human intervention, and the images are available for review and full traceability

The Iris is therefore a truly 'must have' piece of equipment in microbiology laboratories.

  • AI technology improves business performance and productivity through smart automation
  • AI technology reduces the required human input
  • AI makes it possible to interpret larger quantities of data than humans can handle


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