Iris, our artificial intelligence colony counter

Iris is a newly developed automated colony counter. It quickly and accurately counts colony's grown in Petri dishes or Petri film of various sizes. Counting bacterial colonies on microbiological culture plates is time consuming and error prone, but extremely important in microbiology. Our automated colony counter Iris, performs this based on artificial intelligence.

The solutions contain the latest robotics and machine learning technologies and this colony counter is totally designed, created, programmed and build "in house" at AAA Lab Equipment B.V.

Meet our automated colony counter “Iris”

  • Reliable & consistent
  • Future proof
  • Good support
  • Connected to your LIMS
How do you use the automatic colony counter Iris?

Iris is very easy to use, you don’t have to rack your brains, and you don’t have to count anything. It's a matter of training. The steps of the automated colony counter Iris are:

  1. Scan the barcode of the petri dish or petri film
  2. Remove the lid and place the dish in the colony counter
  3. Take the picture and check the picture on the screen
  4. Validate the results of the (AI) camera
Why our colony counter does work!

We spoke to Ed van Meurs, former Business Manager of two chemical and two microbiological laboratories, about how colony counters work. Read further for his opinion.

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The fastest colony counters make use of artificial intelligence!

A colony counter that uses artificial intelligence is a true counting aid and counts many times quicker than an analyst; this article outlines the current status of this technology.

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Reference SGS Nederland B.V.

We spoke to Charlotte Naalden of SGS Netherlands B.V. about our collaboration. Read about their results using the colony counter.

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